WP Quick Charts

Turn your WordPress powered website into a WP Quick Charts powerhouse!

8 Chart types to choose from: Bar, Bubble, Doughnut, Horizontal Bar, Line, Pie, Polar Area & Radar.
✔ Custom display settings for: colors, sizes, data labels, data points, ticks, fonts, styles.
✔ Hundreds of options for customizing the display of your data.
✔ Display charts on any page, post or custom post type, or any other area that accepts WordPress shortcodes.
✔ Display multiple charts on the same page, post or custom post.
✔ Display financial, historical or statistical data visually, with ease.
✔ Import / Export your charts between sites using serialized PHP arrays.
✔ Import existing data into a chart via CSV files.
✔ Duplicate and edit any chart quickly.
✔ Duplicate and edit any dataset quickly.
✔ Uses the latest Charts.js
✔ Easy to use!
✔ Excellent documentation.
✔ And much more!

Bar Charts

Bubble Charts

Horizontal Bar Charts

Line Charts

Doughnut Charts

Pie Charts

Polar Area Charts

Radar Charts